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Reyhan Design

Reyhaneh Khoshbakht Studio and Design started its official activity in 2007

Interior Design

Reyhaneh Khoshbakht

Interior design

The design of your projects is based on the knowledge and experience of Reyhaneh Khoshbakht's specialized team, based on international standards and elements of art aesthetics.


Reyhaneh Khoshbakht design studio , is ready in your construction projects, including office, residential, commercial, to provide specialized consulting services in the selection of materials, purchase of goods and any other required services.

Execution and supervision

One of the main goals of Reyhaneh Khoshbakht’s design team is the accurate and 100% execution of the presented plan, which is done efficiently with the cooperation of experienced and expert executive teams and comprehensive supervision of execution, and time and budget management.